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let us cater your special event!
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Looking to upgrade your next event or party? A Fruition Organics Drink Station is what you need!! Whether it's a brunch, baby shower, birthday party, corporate event or girls night out, our organic specialty (non-alcoholic) beverages are the perfect addition. We accomodate small parties of between 8-10 and large parties of up to 200.


**Email us today at for custom package pricing and drink options. **


Corporate events

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a secondary processing step done after juice is made that extends shelf life and sterilizes the juice. 

  • Raw juice is made on a juice press then bottled into plastic bottles.

  • Plastic bottles of juice are loaded into a giant chamber that fills with water and pressurizes at a high pressure.  This is not done on glass bottles because they cannot withstand the force of the pressure and would break.

  • Bottles are depressurized after about one to a few minutes.


The results are it extends the shelf life of a product up to 30 days, and harmful bacteria that may be present in the product is killed. However, it also kills beneficial vitamins and nutrients in the process. All of Fruition drinks or Non-HPP.


parties & other special occassions

Fruition drinks and shots should be kept chilled and should be consumed within 3 – 7 days.

Exclusive specialty beverages

No. What you see is what you get. No sugar, no preservatives, nothing added.

how to order

An NSF certified commercial grade cold pressed juicer is used. 


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