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About Us

I received my Master of Arts in Health Studies from Southeastern University, yes, I’m a lion living in tiger-land. After finishing grad school I made it my personal mission to promote healthy behaviors in an effort to prevent chronic diseases and illnesses. I am a strong advocate of improving quality of life and it all starts with the habits we form.

Fruition Organics is a passion project birth during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I have always enjoyed consuming fresh organic fruits and vegetables and I have always encouraged friends and family to do so if they could. The idea to create my own drinks came while enjoying my only real outing during the pandemic, grocery shopping. While the snack aisles were scarce, the produce sections were always fully stocked. I often purchased a fruit or vegetable drink while shopping, but they never met my standards. I wanted a drink that had no added sugar, no chemicals, no preservatives and that TASTED GOOD!  Since I couldn't find it, I decided to create my own.


Fruition drinks are made locally in Baton Rouge, LA using an NSF certified commercial grade cold-pressed juicer. Drinks are made with certified organic fruits and vegetables, no added sugars, no preservatives, no synthetic colors, no added flavors, no GMO's.  This is a small passion project with hopes of growth and expansion.  I hope you enjoy!





Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve quality of life by educating the community and promoting healthy behavioral changes. Our main goal is for Fruition Organic Drinks to be accessible to all and replace artificial sugar-filled drinks, and be consumed in small and large quantities, as part of your daily snacks, at events and on special occasions, in mixed drinks, as a healthy shot without alcohol, in schools, gyms, spas, restaurants and more!

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